Where did all of the RVs, Windmills, Pumpjacks and Trees go?

From what I saw in Arizona and California.

Four things really stick out in my mind about the journey west….

As we pushed west of Phoenix, we started to notice that there was an unbelievable number of RVs parked everywhere in the desert. Then we came up to the town of Quartzite, AZ which was a mass of RV’s and this continued for miles past the town. Apparently close to a million rockhounds come to Quartzite (population ~3000) in January for a big rock, sports and RV show. It was quite a site.

I thought there was a lot of windmills in West Texas… I was wrong. Take a trip through the Palm Springs area. Unreal…

As we turned off to go to Paso Robles, we drove through Lost Hills, California. I have never seen so many pumpjacks in one field. Check it out.

And last but not least… there are unbelievable orchards and vineyards in the central valley of California. Acres and acres of trees and vines. Very impressive how they are managed.