Trip Summary

For those of you crazy enough to drive to California from Texas here are the highlights from my journey. Take into account that I was pulling a 34ft camper behind the truck. Typically drove 65-70 miles per hour until California where the speed limit is 55mph for vehicles with trailers.

2171 miles
8.6 MPG (yes this hurts the pocket book…)
36hrs 16mins drive time
2 Large Bags of Sunflower Seeds

Frist day we drove from Cypress TX to Las Cruces, NM (~800 miles). We stayed at the KOA which was very nice. Would stay there again.

Had lunch at Cooper’s BBQ in Junction, TX
Last call for good Texas brisket. Right off the freeway and good gas stations.

Next day we drove to Phoenix and stayed with my in-laws (~400 miles). Had a very nice visit and dinner.

Had breakfast at Kransberry’s in Lordsburg, NM
Good Green Chile omelet and burrito. Gas station right across the street but not good for a trailer.

Day three we drove to Paso Robles (~600 miles). Had a nice lunch with some long time family friends in Palm Springs. Paso is about an hour out of the way but did not want to arrive late and disturb the family on a school/work day. Unfortunately did not arrive early enough to try out any wineries but definitely a place I will explore more in the future. Stayed at the Wine Country RV Park. Nice place, will definitely stay there again.

Day four, we drove to Healdsburg (~200 miles). Home at last!