Where have you been?

Sorry for not posting recently… It has been a busy month in the vineyard and getting the winery setup. Here are some of things that I have been doing.

In the Vineyard…

Bud break has begun! Overall the feeling is that everything is behind by a week or so. In Block 8, the majority of the Zin has not started yet. The delay is most likely caused by pruning late.

Here is a picture of Block 8.


Every other row has been cultivated and the other rows have been mowed.

Here is a Tinta Cao vine that has started bud break.


Learned to drive a tractor. Awesome!


Using a tool to cultivate between the vines called a Gramegna. Block 8 is getting cultivated today.



There were a number of vines that were not producing to a economic capacity so we removed them. We salute you for your service! In the process of ordering new vines.



ines are pruned and tied, and trellis is repaired. Will be reviewing irrigation this week and as soon as bud break is further along, will start suckering.

In the winery…

Still waiting on the Secretary of State’s office to approve the LLC. Once this happens, I can move forward with licensing, wine making contracts, labels, etc. Still considering what other wines to make in addition to Zin. Have some leads on a Pinot and Cab vineyard that I could farm. More on this later….