The seed of madness is set….

So where did all of this craziness begin… I believe I have pinpointed the moment my grape obsession started. I was on a trip with my wife and several other couples about seven years ago. We were doing the typical limo wine-blur tour when we stopped at winery in Napa.

We all stumbled out of the limo and into the tasting room, but I could not stand to be in the tasting room. Something kept drawing me outside. I kept going outside and staring at this absolutely stunning vineyard. This was the first time that I realized what I wanted to do with my life. This was an unbelievable moment that I cannot capture properly with words. Something similar to the appreciation you instantly have for your parents after your first child is born.

Of course, I had a few beverages and knew that this had to be extremely hard work.  I needed to learn more…